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  • Elizabeth Woodson

Wild corners

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

She finds herself in a plastic containers keeping close relations with goddesses that perfect imagery but never their billowing anger for the innocent. It’s never her turn to talk so I write for her here, and the storm passes quickly similar to the cake at a child’s party. She misses how the rain pattered on the ceilings floor, although she could not see it or smell the rain water that poured for her that evening the sound will eventually put her to sleep in this cold basement.

Shes very bright in this stormy weather, and many will mistake her for the sun casting the rainbow above. She does not fool herself, though. Crying like the rain water needed a little more help damping the grounds, she’ll recall distorted memories and live blissfully in their lies for her present looks more like a game of pain that emitting light.

The future scares her crippling what’s left of a good day and she’ll reach for the oj that once was booze for her aching heart. Trusting that the sugars will act the same in the bloodstream she pretends. The ticking stops, and all together she rates this world a six, for disasters only matters for those who have teams of support. If you are alone like her, than nothing matters given a five and then they always require a smile, given a six.

He should have loved her right, and for as long as he possibly could. Her displeasure for his failure will turn him into her. She’s not in fact weak, but he will come out on top and she will know why the goddesses left her where the two walls meet.

He’s learned to turn on her, this will be his most amazing gift yet. After loving him last like she promised, and he loving her forth like he promised, I wonder where his anger stems from. She needed to be first obviously, and he needed a fucking clue. I ask often, how can you know exactly what would cripple her without knowing what would cause her much joy? I know for a fact he was a poor lover boy, I could see it in her eyes. He wasn’t causing pain at first, just a slight discomfort that this was what she had for the rest of her life.

I hate him more than she should, so I will be punished alas this is my new purpose.

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