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  • Elizabeth Woodson

Wide Ruled Bananas

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

The banana sits untouched on the counter, slightly bruised, still yellow and I wonder how it was able to preserve such a powerful color. Not many things get to be yellow like Rah, not many things gets to fight death so poetically. I do not envy the banana, for soon it will in fact become me and I have yet to know myself without anger, or regret, or simply being triggered into relapsing. For I know the decision is always mine, but the mind and the body still belong to you, God.

Does the perfect environment exist? Who knows? I'm sure if this banana could talk it will tell stories of beaches and sand and salt. It would shout out at the hands that first planted it's roots for growth could not have happened if not for them. It would say to me how much it loved the sun and the stars at night and the rain the falls onto it's body whenever God wishes. So let's play a numbers game.

One. To keep form. This body is a woman's body. This mind, is a woman's mind. This spirit, is a woman's spirit. Like the banana I will remember which tree I grew on, how long I grew before being plucked, how gentle the hands that first lay onto me, how far I travelled.

Two. To know my purpose may very well be greater than the journey I have set out for myself.

Three. From earth I came, from earth I will return.

Four. Perhaps the greater good is God. If at the end of my journey I do not find purpose, know that you cannot catch it like you cannot catch the wind. But that it holds your entirety, in fact it become you as you breath in all that is necessary.

Five. Forgive the bruises.

Six. If you cannot help a person do not help a person.

Seven. Heaven.

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