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US Summit for Democracy 2021, Biden

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

President Joe Biden has recently held a virtual summit to rally global leadership around democracy. December 9th and 10th 2021. This comes after the January 6th insurrection where America saw protesters climb the capital building, steal the constitution among other important documents, and break windows in the name of freedom. Where democracy crumbled like the Robert E Lee statues that blinded our ability to take our brothers fears away like God has asked.

Global opinion on the summit is warm, while only 100 countries are attending, and invites are limited; America remains a global leader scorned for her power. Will she solve her internal problems while still remaining a force on the global scale? Voter suppression, racism, sexism, homophobia, are still structural problems she deals with. She tops the globe for incarceration rates and leads the world with military force. Perhaps she will be a listener during this summit.

I was lucky enough to score tickets to Day 2 of the conference.


  • Malawi, reported to be the top country for democracy in 2020 by the Freedom House. This means people are engaged in their government, in a democratic form, they are doing great work even during a pandemic. President Lazarus McCarathy Chakwera of Malawi said, "Freedom is nonnegotiable" during the Summit for Democracy and I would like to clarify that this freedom is for a better economy for what is the known as the best investment. We the People know what makes us happy and joyous these are the freedoms of God that we seek, the freedoms that deliver us from evil.

  • Lithuania, a historically thought of as an economically poor country compared to America, but wealthy in social programs and community programs located on the Baltic Sea near Poland. Baltimore has a lot of Lithuanian immigrants, though I have never travelled to the country, I have gone to Poland for a Political Psychology Conference which is just a fancy way of saying how do people vote and see each other. I'll link to an essay on the conference (here). or maybe I wont, you'll have to get to know me first.

  • President Gitanas Nauseda of Lithuania said the following during the summit when asked to talk about the history of democracy in Lithuania, "One of the first to fall [are usually] expression." One must pause after this statement, because we are human, therefore made in God's image. This is what is taught. I am a believer; I trust and believe, and I am working towards a utopia where beauty and joy overflows and pain is just the medicine given so that nothing is taken for granted anymore. So, when expression falls, the first to go, when we over militarize, when we mute the voices that bring colors and stories that create worlds beyond that which galaxies and grains of sand with laughter fill the night. What must I do to bring back that which is pure? The voice.

  • Demark Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, talks about the technology and the weaponization of the resource. PM's mission is to organize a public and private partnership to ensure reliable information that works alongside democracy as a tool. That social media must be responsible for removing illegal information and address fair digital markets. This removal of illegal information and moral responsibility of democracy over greed will also set right gender equality and eliminate unnecessary micro and macro aggressions and violence that is caused from technologies. When we are not in harmony and living in God's world the imbalance is visible.

  • Denmark was the first country to appoint an ambassador to Silicon Valley. some tech companies have incomes greater than GOP countries. This is just a fact, violence against women is still active. see next bullet point.

  • Facts and figures: Ending violence against women | What we do | UN Women

  • The misuse of digital technology and how it threatens democracy and represses populations. Social media has helps bring down dictatorships but NOW it is not always being used for good. So how do we reshape it so that profit isn't being favored over principle. People should not be going to jail for displaying and expressing their opinions. We must stop digital repression.

  • America is still a leader in this, transparency, accountability, privacy, equity.

  • Uruguay, President Luis Lacalle Pou, talks about his fight against corruption and promoting transparency. I am highlighting Uruguay because of their work towards responsible freedom and as it relates to disabled persons and handicap persons.

  • Antigua and Barbuda, Prime Minister Gaston Browne, talks about how in his country where there is democracy there are no persons incarcerated. THIS IS POWERFUL.

  • Barbados, Prime Minister Mia Amor Motelley, describes the history of Barbados with the third oldest legislation 1639. "For the majority of our history parliament was an instrument of oppression rather than being a platform for empowerment of our people." 1944 women get the right to vote. trades union. 1966 Independent nation. Leading developing country by the UN. PM talks about importance of food security important topic for me!!! Vocabulary word: monolithic we are many things making up one.

  • Dominica, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is challenged to put Dominica on the map, but the PM talks about modernism as it relates to equity, technology.

Now supporting democracy is a powerful statement because together they can create a world of freedom where women and children are not displaced, and men have work.

Freedom is not just a prayer to God that satisfies a peasant's dreams. Utopias are actually only about concentrated actions, like I say, "peace won't come easily, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try."

Lows identified by Samantha Powers, Administrator, Countries that continue to misuse their power

  • Israel

  • Côte d'Ivoire

  • Russia

  • Singapore

But let's talk about the FBI and Julianne Assange, Wikileaks. Today it was reported that UK court allows for extradition to US for spying case. Unfortunately, this means little to the long story of Wikileaks icon who exposed how the US gov't was spying on the American people.

We know the history of the Black Panthers and how the FBI has used its technology to kill movement of the Civil Rights Movement.

Fortunately, January 6th, 2021 WAS a threat to democracy as voter suppression AND misinformation continues to be core problem in American, but there wasn't a monopoly of power given to any particular group. Prior to the insurrection many of the people invited all people to join them. This has been done by other members of other peaceful protesters fighting for equity; so for these people to take on a similar form of a movement was eye opening. It could still be described as a very confusing day. These people were not peaceful, they killed people with cars, broke windows in the name of white supremacy and stole sacred documents because they wanted to. I AM NOT A FEAR MONGERER, but shock was ignited while facts were muted. What was the FBI's response to this and does it derive from a place of protecting the bones?

World powers are still interested in conventional warfare this is our poison.

Meanwhile in America.... Women are still entangled in what is proper ownership of one's love story. Headlines read: TEXAS SIX WEEK ABORTION LAW IS IN PLACE. Hear final lawyer statement here: https://twitter.com/i/events/1454106850723446792?s=20

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