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  • Elizabeth Woodson

The Moon's Landing

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

It doesn't happen to all of us, not yet. It requires a discipline that has so much chaos that the breath of doubt could cripples it's essence. I wonder what I should say after being a part of the select many. Welcome me back, at least.

I hope he follows her where ever she resides now. So together they are gone forever, never to be known by my children. Never to punish me for seeking the beach instead of the moon.

My professors, tell me that it was better this way, that the moon is a grander journey. Perhaps they are correct. But at the very least I will have the beach for as long as I can possibly imagine. The moon was stale, cold, lonely, dark, bright, covered in patterns marked by alien species, shriveled. It was the last good thing to happen in a disaster of events to come.

The ruining comes, after the explosion, the collision. They tell me that you wished me away, and didn't know what to say to get me back home in one piece. They know I love myself more and more each day for doing what you couldn't.

I am always amazed by myself and my team. It's truly a blessing to know that I in fact exist. TO be honest love, I can't quite say that for the time spent with you and away from you. But now that I am alone on the moon, I wonder was I sent away to journey back.


Did it all crumble before and the beach wasn't beautiful enough for us both. I know this, I am in mourning. I know that I will survive the emotion and I know that I will be welcomed back home a hero. Because I would have survived past elements not built for man, woman.

That I did become dust, that was my gift to you. below the sand. As you wished me away to what I hoped was for better hands. Because heart break shouldn't last for those it's meant to travel past. I loved you whole, again, and again. So yes, I have been blessed.

I remember them trying to turn the story on me once again, and your radio silence was what they gifted me in the end. I still don't know how to take the medicine, but I know they are gifts rather than prescriptions. Can you say the same?

I trash them, every gift you give me, and I don't think it's because of anger. But because you have actually found yourself on a beach that you liked, when I was looking at all of the beaches from the moon. And they were all the same. Micro aggressions and Macro aggressions are the same. I can find ever detail, but soon enough the Pacific will encompass all that was in the Atlantic once more. That's just how things grow.

I wonder where the history books decided to lie?

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