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  • Elizabeth Woodson

Questions after Summit for Democracy 2021

  • How do we talk about the most violent people?

  • How do we break down their violence so that humor and pain are not being used but rather skill and practice are developed?

  • What do we do to those trying to break our confidence in the forces of good being greater than evil?

  • When will each part be valued properly?

  • Spam! How to get rid of it!?

  • Boredom! How to get rid of it!?

  • Hunger! How to get rid of it!?

  • Thirst! How to get rid of it!?

  • Warfare development in the name of peace does not work but introducing touch to people who have known physical violence also does not work. What is the solution to this problem?

  • How do we make EVERYTHING ESSENTIAL free?

  • How do we continue to build character in all of God's beings?

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