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  • Elizabeth Woodson

In Memoriam of Violet Elizabeth Brown

Tomorrow, January 27th 2022 will mark the wake of my grandmother who passed of natural causes, after dealing with Alzheimer's for several years leading up to her death. But boy did she live! Violet Elizabeth Brown was an anchor for the family, quieter as the family is huge and requires listeners and the elders of the family tended to take this role. I wonder the stories she got to hear. Probably about parties, but I'm sure they encompassed tenderness, God, miracles.

The mother of three and the grandmother and great-grandmother of several little ones she smiled, kissed, hugged every last one of us. A heart of honeysuckle rose ignited with rainbows when she muttered a laugh when a joke was whispered in her ears.

I grew up not needing her, but wanting her. This is what I learned love was. People who make you need them, are no good. They cripple you, they are in fact stealing from you, but people who don't mind you wanting them. The ones who invite you over for tea. To sit on their couch and talk to you, keep these people.

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