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  • Elizabeth Woodson

Glitter comes in clutters

Kaylen Joseph Cureton also known as Joseph Cureton flees to Los Angeles after serving several years in federal prison for having sexual relations with a minor who will eventually overdose and die. In addition to a pedophilia charge he was rumored to have solicited underage pornography.

In Maryland he is a registered sex offender and his address was published on a portal for all people to see. This information has not been since updated since his marriage to Darcy Sullivan who is now five months pregnant.

This is not an opinion piece, and since I was forced to work very closely with both Darcy and Joseph before their move to LA and have decided to keep my opinion to myself about what they should be allowed to do. I am concerned that his record seems to be cleared completely since moving and and wary that people of LA won't have the necessary information to make the judgement calls they may need to make concerning their safety.

I pray that although he identifies as a self proclaimed 'serial business developer' that does not seep into his past behavior of a 'serial child fucker'. Amen.

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