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  • Elizabeth Woodson

Destroying the Aparatus

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Whats funny about the structures that shape our reality is that most of them are actually made by God. Gravity for instance, is not a man made illusion. If you have been following than you would be able to identify this as the main idea.

King Oak swims to the top of the bowl whether I feed her or not. She rests, plays dead, gets angry, eats, dances, drinks, floats, swims, and so I believe she wonders, too, about the structures that God has allowed for us to survive in.

Today there were racist, sexist, homophobic, supporters of trump protesting the election results as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris begin to transition into the white house. There was a recount of the electoral college votes, to which current President, but not for long, D. Trump has officially lost. He made a speech, what I wish I could easily find about how he loves his supporters and wants them to go home. Instead these supporters of Trump scaled buildings, rampaged doors and entered into the capitol building declaring God was on their side.

I am reminded that God loves everyone and not until today was I scared of that concept. I envy King Oak because gravity isn't affected at all by being underwater and yet King Oak manages to swim to the top whenever she pleases. So this is my letter to God,

dear God,

let King Oak know the stars. Allow her wings, fins, legs and fire. Allow her the curiosity. Let her dreams not be about transformation of the body but rather of the spirit so she can do what these protesters could not. Grant her freedom from her enemies and protection from the thoughts that bring them near. Assure her that war ends, dear Lord. And then grant me the same thing.

I love you.

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