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  • Elizabeth Woodson

Dark City

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

The movie premiered this weekend, April 17, 2021 on Netflix a white owned streaming platform that has shifted the way we watch television and other news. I’ve seen the movie throughout its initial edits and was very disappointed with the final product.

TT the Artist explores Baltimore through music while only crediting a hand full of people, instead of going into their history and how Baltimore has shaped culture she highlights star crazy artists like Eze Jackson and has him perform a full three minute song. Who is he? How is he important to the music scene? Out side of wanting to be famous, who has he influenced musically.

The film does a shit job of history of music just as general knowledge, jazz was barely inlcuded nor African drumming included in the film. Instead, the film held up and coming artists who want to have their names be bigger than Baltimore. And this is the true scam, TT talks more about her journey in California than her life here in Baltimore. So much so, I don’t even know if the girl is from the greatest city in America or sent to capitalize on it.

The culture of the film has been very negative as those who have had opinions similar to mine has been isolated and ostracized. Told that they aren’t Baltimore, told that we won’t be anything. The common day bully can just so clearly be seen in this film.

Should it premiere? Yes, and it should be celebrated just the same. But I pray it doesn’t hurt the culture of Baltimore any more than it has already done. Unfortunately the night scene has turned into the queer night scene. The music scene has turned into the black Barbie only crowd and the dj scene has turned into the playboy den.

When did we loose focus Baltimore, it may be because of these biracial babies, but the idea that equity has reigned over us all would be a more misguided thought than the one that started the idea for this silly un engaging movie. I’m aware of how harsh this review is but I didn’t smile once at any clip shown to me. This feel good movie just goes to show how much of an Uncle Tom the artist scene in Baltimore is.

TT should change her name to Uncle TT the artist, and let her white trash queer friends use her movie for personal gains. Ooops she did.

After reading this essay I believe I'm just upset that I had an affair with artist Blaqstarr. The film was ok.

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