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M&d Inc.


Life lovers

Misfits and Dreamers Inc. is a nonprofit (501(c)(3) focused on bringing arts to the community. It is a writers group that will produce an annual magazine exploring life through the lens of  specific topics like Graffiti Mountaintops and Hidden Stories.  Their goal is to create community in Baltimore through the exposure of the arts, food and entertainment. Art can connect us across distances of space and time. 

Elizabeth Woodson is a life learner, researcher, producer, photographer, and writer. Her first documentary short, produced in high school, focused on houselessness in Baltimore, where she told the stories of three people experiencing houselessness. 


Since then, she has produced work for independent news networks including over a years worth of production with local TRNN, nonprofits including church organizations, activist campaigns and artists. 

Her goal is to continue to capture the beauty, patience and strength of those that have been silenced. She strives to add to the pool of untold stories of people who may find themselves out of rhythm with standard life. She is drawn to this work because the silenced often tell stories of triumph and resilience in a world undeserving and unworthy of their courage. 

Ms. Woodson is also founder of HaikuCookie where poetry and pastries meet. She has been writing for this company for a year now. 

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